Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Early September Update

Dear all,

After almost 14 months in Istanbul and Tel Aviv, I have arrived back to New York to continue teaching, after being away due to my research. Like always, I am excited to be back at Brooklyn College and to be teaching such a diverse and interesting group of students. Coming back to teach Middle eastern history after the Arab uprisings, the worsening of Israeli-Turkish ties, the establishment of a possible new social order in Israel, and on the eve of a possible official recognition of the Palestinian state in the United Nations, makes my work even more exciting. For years, teaching Middle Eastern history was quite frustrating, with me declaring at the last lecture that "one day Mubarak will fall, along with Bashar Assad, stating that it was just a question of time. And, as Assad continues to tries to violently suppress the uprising in his country we know too well that his days are numbered, with almost 3000 Syrians killed by their own armed forces. For Mubarak, he now is on trial and with his health in such bad condition, it seems his days are numbered also.

Due to the painstakingly return to my office, and catching up on my work, I have not been able to submit a blog for a few weeks. However, currently I am working on two topics (a new social order in Israel, and another one on the continuing deterioration of Israeli-Turkish ties related to the issuing of the UN report which investigated last year's flotilla incident. Hopefully, by Tuesday I will have posted them. Until then, I wish all well and my warm greetings.


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