Friday, February 3, 2012

Short Note and a Belated Happy New Year...

Over the last two months, I have not submitted a blog entry.  This was partly due to the frustration I have with the Middle East in general, and also due to the fact that I was out of my office for a whole month.  Overall, even if politically things are not looking the best, personally the time I spent in Israel and Turkey was great. In Israel, my  my beautiful daughter Alumah had her Bat Mitzvah celebrations and I was able to see a few good friends; unfortunately, due to time constraints I missed seeing some other good friends of mine. In Turkey, I held a 14 minute live TV interview on the national TRT Haber 24 hour news channel focusing on Turkish-Israeli relations, which went well. I hope to post it on the blog later next week for the record, however it is in Turkish. While in Istanbul I also found that life is full of surprises and hope, which sometimes revolve in a circular way. For this I am grateful.  Well, I am back now in NY and I hope by tomorrow to reinitiate my blog with a new entry, which will be a critical review of an article which appeared in the Economist focusing on the Islamic world.  

Let us raise a toast to a semester of writing and late nights in the office. I wish all a belated Happy New Year!


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