Monday, December 17, 2012

Delving into Ottoman Palestine (a link to Ottoman History Podcast)

Here is a link to a recent podcast, where I discuss my upcoming book, which has the tentative title: Ottoman Palestine: The Rise of Jewish Hegemony and Palestinian protest.  In this podcast, I offer my interpretations relating to both the Palestinian and Jewish populations, while focusing on the need to reassess the past history. For the Palestinians, I explain how a Palestinian identity, Palestinianism, dates back to the early 20th century. As for the Jewish community, I argue that for many Zionism was not necessarily a separatist movement, but one that was working to integrate into the Ottoman political world. It was in this reality that the Palestinian-Jewish conflict began in Ottoman Palestine, a period often neglected by historians.  

For my readers, this is also a great opportunity to learn about the Ottoman History Podcast series, a brilliant source for Ottoman history, where there are over 80 podcasts, featuring renowned names in Ottoman history. 

I would also like to thank Chris Gratien and Emrah Safa Gurkan for the great program and interesting questions (not to mention praise to the podcast series)! 

For those interested there is also a useful bibliography to direct you to some historical articles of mine, and related books by other authors.

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